Introducing MarlinsBrain and its services: MarlinsBrain provides business development, channel development, sales and marketing services for companies who want to expand in EMEA but do not want to establish a legal entitiy at this stage.

    Are you facing one of the following challenges?

    • You want to start or expand your sales activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)?
    • Are you looking for a direct sales team, channel partners and distributors who know how to spread the message, raise market awareness and turn generated leads into revenue?
    • You want to have a local presence but do not plan to launch your own legal entitity in Europe at this stage?
    • You want to start research & product development activities in Europe and look for a local development partner to deliver applied R&D and product development?

    MarlinsBrain’s Integrated Services

    • We provide you with integrated services focused on sales and marketing to achieve a smart start for your high tech company entering the European market.
    • We help as your virtual branch office to accelerate your business and channel development, sales and marketing
    • We support you with a motivated team to drive programs and campaigns from planning to execution and to a sustainable business in EMEA
    • We aim to reduce time-to-market and your market-entry-risk
    • We help you to develop your product based on European market needs

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